Nina Göringer
Technical translator, M.A.

Member of the BDÜ and the tekom

Stephanusstraße 82
33098 Paderborn, Germany

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Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin M.A.
Nina Göringer - Fachübersetzerin

Technical translation

Let an expert translator handle your texts

As a translator, I read the texts I'm working with very carefully. I make sure that I have understood all of a text's linguistic and content-related details before I reproduce the technical content or the incorporated message in another language based on the context of the specific situation.

I translate content and documents from these areas for my clients:

Technical communication

  • Instructions, application reports, trade and professional articles, standards, product descriptions, etc.

Marketing communication

  • Communication concepts, trade show presentation materials, text for brochures, flyers, catalogs, websites, etc.

Business documents and corporate communication

  • Risk assessments, financial reports (management reports/image sections), press releases, other informational material for customers or employees, etc.

Both from and into English and German.

I work with a variety of file types, including specialized formats. I can also apply specific style guides, glossaries, and lists of specialized terms.

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